Studio info



Temple Tatu is a private, appointment-only studio near the Fiveways area of Brighton. It is on the edge of the city in quiet, natural surroundings. Easily accessible by road and public transport, with good parking.

As the studio is built onto my home in a residential area, full address and directions will be provided when you make an appointment.


All tattooing takes place in a clean environment with clean equipment and appropriate barrier controls. I use single-use sterile packed needles and all other equipment is sterilised according to current guidelines. I am trained in cross contamination control and first aid. I have held a local authority licence to tattoo since 1998.


In the first instance please contact by email, if possible or by telephone (see contact) If emailing you should give your name and contact details and a short description of what you have in mind.

Initial consultations are free and place you under no obligation to commit.

If you decide to proceed a quote is given, a deposit is paid and design work begins.

Appointment times are flexible to suit you. If you are unable to get to an appointment please give 24 hours notice if possible. Missed appointments may be charged.


I will always attempt to remain within your budget and quote as accurately as possible. Please bear in mind, though, that this is not always possible, especially with larger work.

My hourly rate is £70 per hour with a day rate of £250. This represents the time spent actually tattooing. Consultations, research and drawing time are included in this rate.

I ask for a non-returnable deposit of £50 which will be deducted from the cost of the final session. The deposit may also be retained if appointments are missed without notice and a new deposit will be required for work to resume. Please note that the deposit is not a ‘design fee’. Any design I produce remains my copyright until it is tattooed, it then becomes yours.


It’s a good idea to collect background information and images that will help you communicate your ideas. You can bring these with you to the consultation or send them in advance. It also helps if you are open to your ideas developing and changing along the way.

For tattoo appointments you should wear comfortable clothing, not your best as tattoo pigments stain.

Arrive well rested and fed. Tattooing can be physically demanding and tiring. Snacks and drinks can help keep your strength up.

Give yourself plenty of time for your appointment as they often over-run.

If you have a particular health problem or are on medication that may affect the tattoo I can give advice in confidence.

Tiredness, illness, menstruation, hunger, thirst and a hangover can all affect your ability to put up with discomfort. Look after yourself, contact me and re-arrange your appointment if you feel ‘under the weather’.


Give yourself time to heal. Heavy, dirty work, sweaty exercise, going on a bender or on a holiday to a hot climate will not help healing. Give yourself a week after being tattooed before indulging in any of the above.

The morning after being tattooed remove the dressing and wash with un-perfumed soap and clean hands. Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

You can wrap in cling-film between washing for 2-3 days. After that apply a thin film of cream between washes. I recommend Bepanthen, but there are a number of products I can advise you on. In all cases less is more.

The tattoo can be washed up to 4 times a day.

Healing will take 1-2 weeks and will benefit from continued use of the cream or another moisturising cream for longer

Avoid dirt, dust, sweat, soaking and swimming pools, sun and tight fitting and synthetic clothing for the first 1-2 weeks.

Around 4-6 weeks rest will be needed between appointments to allow the tattoo to settle down.

While healing, the tattoo will flake and feel sensitive like a mild sunburn. Heavier scabbing, redness and swelling should not be present and you should call me for advice if they are.


If you still have questions you can check the FAQ’s section.